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E8PC Drucksensoren

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  • E8FC E8PC Datenblatt
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Erkennen Anzeichen von Unregelmäßigkeiten im Kühlwasser und Hydrauliköl durch gleichzeitiges Messen von Druck und Temperatur

  • Erfassung von Druck und Temperatur zur Vermeidung von plötzlichen Produktionsstopps und Herstellungsfehlern
  • Auswahl an Ersatzadaptern für einen unkomplizierten Austausch Ihrer aktuellen Druck- und Durchflussmesser
  • Analoger Stromausgang und IO-Link-Datenübertragung ermöglichen Eigendiagnosen auf Defekte im Sensor selbst
Spezifikationen & Bestellinfo

Ordering Information


Appearance Applicable fluid
The applicable fluid is a liquid that do not erode the liquid contact part materials (such as water, glycol solution, and oil).
Rated pressure range Control output Communication method IO-Link baud rate Order code
Liquid and gas -0.1 to 1 MPa PNP IO-Link
COM2 (38.4 kbps) E8PC-010D-E
COM3 (230.4 kbps) E8PC-010T-E
NPN Analog E8PC-010-E
Liquid 0 to 10 MPa PNP IO-Link
COM2 (38.4 kbps) E8PC-100D-E
COM3 (230.4 kbps) E8PC-100T-E
NPN Analog E8PC-100-E
0 to 40 MPa PNP IO-Link
COM2 (38.4 kbps) E8PC-400D-E
COM3 (230.4 kbps) E8PC-400T-E
NPN Analog E8PC-400-E

Please contact your OMRON sales representative regarding the IO-Link setup file (IODD file).


It must be selected from the adapters below.

Appearance Type Nominal diameter of thread
The nominal diameter of the thread is the size of the part shown below on the adapter.
Thread type Materials Order code
Nominal diameter A Nominal diameter B
R1/8 male 6 A 1/8" R (taper thread) SUS304 E8PC-YA-A18
R1/4 male 8 A 1/4" R (taper thread) SUS304 E8PC-YA-A14
R3/8 male 10 A 3/8" R (taper thread) SUS304 E8PC-YA-A38
G1/4 female 8 A 1/4" G (parallel thread) SUS304 E8PC-YA-B14N
NPT1/8 male 6 A 1/8" NPT (taper thread) SUS304 E8PC-YA-C18
NPT1/2 male 8 A 1/4" NPT (taper thread) SUS304 E8PC-YA-C14

Cables (Sensor I/O Connectors)

A Cable is not provided with the Sensor. It must be ordered separately.

Type Appearance Cable Order code
Socket on one cable end


2 m XS5F-D421-D80-F
5 m XS5F-D421-G80-F
L-shaped 2 m XS5F-D422-D80-F
5 m XS5F-D422-G80-F
Socket and plug on cable ends
Straight type/L-shape type combinations are also available.
Straight/straight 2 m XS5W-D421-D81-F
5 m XS5W-D421-G81-F
L-shaped/l-shaped 2 m XS5W-D422-D81-F
5 m XS5W-D422-G81-F

Refer to Sensor I/O Connector/Sensor Controller on your OMRON website for details.

Throttle (for replacement)

If the excessive pulsation or surge voltage is expected, use a throttle. Install it inside the adapter and use.

Appearance Type Material Order code Installation method
For a male adapter SUS304 E8PC-YS
For a female adapter SUS304 E8PC-YS-N

O-ring (for replacement)

Appearance Type Order code
For E8PC-010 E8PC-YL-1
Provided with the sensor.
For E8PC-100/-400 E8PC-YL-2
Provided with the sensor.
Female for adapter G1/4 E8PC-YL-3



Model PNP(COM2) E8PC-010D-E E8PC-100D-E E8PC-400D-E
PNP(COM3) E8PC-010T-E E8PC-100T-E E8PC-400T-E
NPN E8PC-010-E E8PC-100-E E8PC-400-E
The pressure precision is defined based on the values measured in the ordinary temperature environment (approx. 23°C) using water at the ordinary temperature (approx. 23°C).
Rated pressure range –0.1 to 1 MPa 0 to 10 MPa 0 to 40 MPa
Display range –0.20 to 1.10 MPa –0.10 to 11.00 MPa –0.10 to 44.00 MPa
Withstand pressure
Even instantaneous pressure fluctuation such as water hammer must be within the withstand pressure. If instantaneous pressure fluctuation is expected, use the throttle included in the package.
4 MPa 30 MPa 50 MPa
Burst pressure 8 MPa 60 MPa 80 MPa
Display resolution 0.001 MPa 0.01 MPa 0.01 MPa
Applicable fluid temperature
If the pipe temperature exceeds 70°C, do not contact any cables with the pipe.
–20 to +100°C (no icing or condensation)
Pressure response time
The maximum actual response time has error of 1 ms when the set response time is 3 to 10 ms, 5 ms when it is 11 to 100 ms, and +5% when it is 101 ms or more.
Control output: Select 3 to 6000 ms Analog output: Set value + 2 ms (90% response)
Pressure monitoring precision ±1.0% of F.S. or less
Pressure repeatability
The pressure repeatability is the error of the detection point when pressure is applied repeatedly in the ordinary temperature environment (approx. 23°C) using water at the ordinary temperature (approx. 23°C) in the rated pressure range.
±0.3% of F.S. or less
Ambient temperature characteristics
The ambient temperature characteristics are prescribed based on the value measured using oil as applying a pressure value of 50% of the maximum rated pressure.
±0.6% of F.S./10°C
Hysteresis Variable
Pressure type Gauge pressure
The temperature monitoring precision is prescribed based on the value measured using water.
Temperature measurements are affected by both of the temperatures, the medium and the piping.
Temperature measuring elements are installed on the back surface of the piezoelectric element (inside the product) and used to measure the temperature. It might take long for the measured value to get stable according to the heat transmission speed.
Temperature monitoring rated range –20 to 100°C
Temperature monitoring precision ±4°C
Temperature repeatability ±1°C
Control output
Standard mode Judge if the measured value is the threshold value or more (or less).
Window mode Judge if the measured value is within the upper and lower limits.
Compatible fluid Gas and fluid not corroding the material of the wetted part (such as water, glycol solution, and oil)
Display method Numerical value indication: 4-digit 7-segment white LED with inverting function
Status indicator: Normal operation (green), status indication (orange), and error (red) The content of status indication is selectable.
Output indicator: OUT1 operation (orange), OUT2 operation (orange)
Unit indication: E8PC-⬜⬜⬜⬜: MPa (white),
E8PC-⬜⬜⬜⬜-E: MPa (white), bar (white), psi (white), °C (white)
IO-Link indicator: Lighting when communications are in progress (green)
Delay setting 1 to 9999 ms
(Select a function from invalid, ON delay, OFF delay, and one-shot.)
Connection method M12, 4-pole connector type
Connecting diameter G3/4 male (Use the optional adapter to convert the diameter) Connection strength 20 N·m
Output ch1
Control output Pressure control output (N.O./N.C.)
E8PC-⬜⬜⬜D/T: PNP
E8PC-⬜⬜: NPN
30 VDC or less, Class 2, max. 100 mA, residual voltage 1 V or less
Output ch2
Control output Pressure control output (N.O./N.C.) / temperature control output (N.O./N.C.)
E8PC-⬜⬜⬜D/T: PNP
E8PC-⬜⬜: NPN
30 VDC or less, Class 2, 100 mA max., residual voltage 1 V or less
Analog current output
Do not connect analog current output with the master unit of IO-Link. Otherwise, the unit might fail.
Pressure analog output / Temperature analog output
Current output 4 to 20 mA (maximum load resistance 350Ω or less)
(Display value ± 2% of F.S.)
External input One-point teaching, zero point adjustment input (selectable, initial status: invalid)
short-circuit current 1.5 mA or less, input time 20 ms or more
IO-Link IO-Link specification Ver 1.1
Baud rate E8PC-⬜⬜⬜D: COM2 (38.4kbps)
E8PC-⬜⬜⬜T: COM3 (230.4Kbps)
Data length PD Size: 6 byte
OD Size: 1 byte (M-sequence type: TYPE_2_V)
Minimum cycle time E8PC-⬜⬜⬜D (COM2): 3.2 ms
E8PC-⬜⬜⬜T (COM3): 2.0 ms
Power supply Power supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC (including 10% ripple (p-p)), Class 2
Power consumption 1,200 mW or less
(When power supply voltage is 30 V, current consumption must be 40 mA or less.
When power supply voltage is 10 V, current consumption must be 120 mA or less.)
Protection circuit Power supply reverse connection protection, output short-circuit protection, and output reverse connection protection
Ambient temperature range –20 to 80°C in operation and storage, respectively (no condensation)
Ambient humidity range –35 to 85%RH in operation and storage, respectively (no condensation)
Vibration resistance
1000 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 min. between current-carrying parts and case
Shock resistance
10 to 2000 Hz, double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours in X/Y/Z direction each
Impact (endurance) 500 m/s2, three times in X/Y/Z direction each
Protective structure IP67
Pollution degree 3
Altitude 2,000 m or less
Installation place Indoor
Material Wetted part Pressure port: SUS304L, diaphragm pressure port: Al2O3 (alumina), O-ring: FKM
Other than wetted part Head: PPSU, display unit: PES, button: PBT, chassis: SUS304L
Weight Approx.190 g
  • Throttle (Model E8PC-YS and E8PC-YS-N), one each
  • O-ring × 1 (Model E8PC-010: Model E8PC-YL-1, Model E8PC-100/400: Model E8PC-YL-2)
  • Ferrite core × 1 (TDK's Model ZCAT1730-0730A)
  • User's manual (Japanese, English, and Chinese), one each
  • Compliance sheet
  • Index list



IoT Pressure Sensor E8PC-⬜⬜⬜-E


E8PC-YA-A⬜⬜, E8PC-YA-C⬜⬜

Model E8PC-YA-A18 E8PC-YA-A14 E8PC-YA-A38 E8PC-YA-C18 E8PC-YA-C14
Thread G3/4×R1/8 G3/4×R1/4 G3/4×R3/8 G3/4×NPT1/8 G3/4×NPT1/4
A 43.3 47.1 47.6 43.3 47.1
B 21.1
C 13
D 9.2 13 13.5 9.2 13
E 34
F 3.7 4.8 5 3.7 4.8
G 17 17 19 17 17










Please refer to E8FC.

Kabel und Zubehör


xs2 oei prod
XS2-Verbindungskabel mit wasserdichten, einseitigen M12-Kabeln/Verlängerungskabeln


xs3 oei prod
XS3-Verbindungskabel mit einseitigen M8-Kabeln/Verlängerungskabeln haben geringere Wartungsanforderungen.


xs5c xs5g 400x400 prod
IDC-Steckverbinder vom Typ XS5C/XS5G-D418 wurden speziell für den schnellen, einfachen Anschluss ohne spezielle Werkzeuge entwickelt. Erforderlich sind nur ein Drahtschneider und zwei Schraubenschlüssel.


y92e-s oei prod
Sensorkabel mit Steckverbinder gemäß IP69K für die Anwendung in der Nahrungsmittel-, Getränke- und Pharmaindustrie.